HariDevi JhuthaRam Shishu Sadan

Affiliated to C.B.S.E.(New Delhi),Affiliation No.-1730317
Chirawa Road-PILANI, Dist.-Jhunjhunu(Raj.) India, Pincode: 333031.
Phone No.: 01596–242184, e-mail: hjssprincipal@gmail.com

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Rules and Regulations


Rules of the School

 Haridevi Jhuthram Shishu Sadan expects its student to be well disciplined, confident ,cultured and smart individuals who can interact/converse well.


Following  norms of the school are expected to be rigidly followed by its students.


1.      Students are expected not to mishandle/damage electronic items and other school property. Otherwise they will have to pay a heavy fine over and above the cost of the items.

2.      Disciplinary action would be taken against the students found guilty of damaging school property.

3.      Students are expected to maintain decorum in corridors & staircases. They should in a line. Running and pushing other students is strictly prohibited.

4.      Disciplinary action shall be taken against those students who use foul or abusive language in the school.

5.      They should respect the liberty and rights of others.

6.      They should never hesitate to say “No” to any act or a thing which they know is wrong.

7.      The students while in the class should give due respect by standing up to a teacher, a visiting faculty or an either person, who may come to teach or address them.

8.      Students are expected to take care of their belongings themselves.

9.      Students projecting objectionable behavior , having irregular attendance , unexplained absence  from school showing disrespect to teachers and acting in an untruly manner could be expelled from the school.

10.Littering of the school campus is not permitted.

11.Plucking of flowers or uprooting of plants in the school lawns is not permitted.

12.Non- compliance of school rules may lead to strict disciplinary action.

13.Order and decorum must be the hallmark of the school. The school expects every students of excellence.