HariDevi JhuthaRam Shishu Sadan

Affiliated to C.B.S.E.(New Delhi),Affiliation No.-1730317
Chirawa Road-PILANI, Dist.-Jhunjhunu(Raj.) India, Pincode: 333031.
Phone No.: 01596–242184, e-mail: hjssprincipal@gmail.com

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House System


The school has been divided into four houses to inculcate a competition sprit. Various inter house activities are organized at sub – Junior ,Middle and senior levels, HJSS students feels proud to identify himself /herself with his/her house named after a great personality of India. Students perform their duties under the guidance of their teachers for maintenance the discipline in school.

House CoordinatorMis. Ritambhara Rohilla  coordinates  different houses  for smooth running of the houses. He conducts the house competition activities like Inter House sports competition , Inter house debate etc. Houses  are evaluated on the basis of academic performance , sports performance, Co-curricular activity performance , discipline performance . Points are awarded as per the House evaluation chart . The winner house is honoured by a trophy ,”House winner trophy/Banner.

Academic evaluation of houses: House wise academic result is prepared of each class . On the basis of the average percentage/CGPA of students, Houses are ranked as 1st position ,2nd position, 3rd position . Points are awarded as per following system



































Evaluation of House on Basis of sports performance

Inter house sports competition are held in the month of October. Points are awarded as follows:

Winner house awarded               :           20 points

Runner up  house awarded         :          10 Points

3rd Ranked House                       :           05 Points


Co-curricular activities evaluated as follows:

Winner house (1st Rank) is awarded    :           20 points

Runner up  house is awarded              :           10 points

3rd Rank house is awarded                  :           5 points

Since houses are responsible for maintain the discipline of entire school if any indiscipline case 5(five) points being deducted as per the recommendation of the discipline incharge.

If house on duty do not perform their duties for smooth running of morning assembly in that case 5 points are deducted as per recommendation of assembly Incharge.

Four Houses

1.     Subhash Chandra Bose (Red Colour)

The House is being named after the  great patriot,who inspired our youth to live and die for freedom and said “Give me blood , I will give you freedom” .   

1.     Mr. Jeetendra Soni                                         House Incharge

2.   Mrs. Aparna Maitra                                          Co-Incharge

3.     Mrs. Ruchi Sharma                                          Member

4.     Mrs.Lopamudra Chakravarty                           Member

5.     Mr. Sunil kumar                                               Member

2.     Rani Laxmi Bai House(Green Colour)

Named after Rani Laxmi Bai the great freedom fighter who said”as long as I am alive , I won’t allow  any one to rule Jhansi”.

1.     Mr. Sahi Ram                                                  House Incharge

2.     Mr. Prabha Shankar Gupta                            Member

3.     Mrs.Shakuntala                                              Member

4.     Mrs.Poonam Sharma                                      Member

5.     Dr. Priyanka Saraswat                                   Member

3.     Maharana Pratab House (Blue Colour)

Named after Maharana Pratab , the great hero of Rajasthan who said “Even the sky is not the limit , try to reach beyond it “.

1.     Mr. Aditya Sarawgi                      House Incharge

2.     Mrs. Krishna Chotia                            Member

3.     Mrs.Nikita Sharma                            Member

4.     Mrs.Anita Nanglia                                Member


4.     Shivaji House (Yellow Colour)

Named after chatrapati Shivaji,the great Maratha king fearless and a true patriot who said “shine like the Sun”.

1.     Mr. Ashok Singh Shekhawat                          House Incharge

2.     Mrs. Ritu Rani Shekhawat                              Member

3.     Mr.Rajendra Prasad Sharma                           Member

4.     Mrs.Narottama Chahar                                     Member

5.     Ms. Renu Saini                                               Member

6.     Mrs.Aroma Samal                                            Member



House duties :       

i)  Duties are assigned to students for News , pledge and thought in the morning assembly as per    their turn every day by House on duty of that Week.

ii) At assembly ground house captain of House o duty gives the command to all classes to make proper lines . Students of house on duty take active participation in prayer , News, pledge and thought of the day.

Two students of house on duty keep record of late arrivals. Three time late students are refer to discipline incharge for take action against the late arrivals.

iii) 16 Students of house on duty perform their duty at different places of school campus to prevent indiscipline events at the time of before morning assembly , after morning assembly when students go back in their classes , during lunch break and after school over , when students go back their home along with the students teachers of house on duty also keep watch and guide the students of house on duty.