HariDevi JhuthaRam Shishu Sadan

Affiliated to C.B.S.E.(New Delhi),Affiliation No.-1730317
Chirawa Road-PILANI, Dist.-Jhunjhunu(Raj.) India, Pincode: 333031.
Phone No.: 01596–242184, e-mail: hjssprincipal@gmail.com

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From Chairman’s Desk

It is a very great day for me as I see the dreams of my father Shri R.K.Birla,Founder Chairman HJSS, come true and  its motto  being intensely moved ahead with great success and thus vindicating his saying as true . He always believed in the following.

“Excellence always wins.”

The secret of success is hard work , without hard work success loses its lusture and glow . That’s why Shri R.K.Birla championed the hard work to achieve success.

According to him key to success are the following ingredients:

1.Enthusiasm and courage.

2.Honesty and Truthfulness.

3.Independence and proper utilisation of the resource

4.Democratic approach and generosity.

                                           5.Efficiency and management

             excerpt from his own written book Bhooli Bateein Yaad Karoon.”  

I always preferred to keep sports and other physical activities synchronized with main academics and with that view in mind our school has done wonderful job by providing on-campus facilities for some games and sports such as badminton, table tennis, volleyball and basketball for the benefit of the students whenever they find extra time to utilise for the change. My endeavors to extend various sport facilities in the playground have also fructified as our school has made provision for several courts like that of long tennis and volleyball.

I see with great satisfaction and appreciation the dedicated work of the staff under the guidance of the seasoned Principal Dr. J.S.Kuntal for the upliftment and progress of the students who belong to a comparatively weaker section of the society.

I am proud of this achievement which once again vindicates the desired goal of my father Late Syt. R.K.Birla.