HariDevi JhuthaRam Shishu Sadan

Affiliated to C.B.S.E.(New Delhi),Affiliation No.-1730317
Chirawa Road-PILANI, Dist.-Jhunjhunu(Raj.) India, Pincode: 333031.
Phone No.: 01596–242184, e-mail: hjssprincipal@gmail.com

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Teaching Staff

Particular of Teaching Staff  

Name Design Date of Birth Date of Appointment Trained/ untrained Probation/ confirmed Adhoc/ Part Time
Mr. M.Raja Principal 25/06/1960 01/07/2016 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Sunita Mishra Head mistress 24/07/1964 04/07/1988 Trained confirmed  
Mr.  Sahi Ram PGT 14/01/1969 07/09/2001 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Madhavi Sharma PGT 05/07/1968 22/06/2002 Trained confirmed  
Mr.  Jeetendra Soni PGT 27/01/1982 13/08/2010 Trained confirmed  
Mr.  Vishnu Kumar PGT 10/02/1979 09/07/2010 Trained confirmed  
Mr.  Aditya Saraogi PGT 17/11/1978 01/07/2008 Trained confirmed  
Ms.  Ritambhara Rohilla PGT 11/02/1987 04/07/2012 Trained confirmed  
Mr. Sunil kumar PGT 25/10/84 05/08/13 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Krishna Chotia PGT 05/03/1961 18/08/1984 Trained confirmed  
Mr.  Rajendra Pd. Sharma TGT 25/09/1962 29/09/2003 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Indira  Joshi TGT 05/09/1963 01/07/2008 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Nirottama Chahar TGT 20/12/1979 01/07/2008 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Ruchi Sharma TGT 20/01/1975 01/07/2008 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Manoj Shekhawat TGT 11/11/1978 01/07/2008 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Shakuntala TGT 15/08/1970 10/07/2013 Trained confirmed  
Mr.  Nar Singh TGT 11/11/1969 01/11/2003 Trained confirmed  
Mr. Prabha Shankar Gupta PGT 10/07/1980 10/07/2014 Untrained Adhoc  
Mrs. Nikita Sharma PRT 02/08/1984 01/02/2011 Trained Probation  
Mrs. Aparna Maitra PRT 12/05/1977 14/07/2011 Trained Probation  
Mrs. Lopamundra Chakrawarti PRT 15/11/1967 14/09/2011 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Anita Nangalia PRT 10/05/1975 13/07/2007 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Poonam Singh PRT 10/09/1971 05/07/1996 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Manju Soni PRT 18/03/1972 10/07/1995 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Prabha Yadav PRT 15/06/1968 05/07/2001 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Radha Rani PRT 01/02/1964 10/07/2001 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Indu Khanna PRT 17/02/1976 01/07/1999 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Saroj Chanania PRT 15/09/1970 11/07/2002 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Vimla Sharma PRT 14/08/1981 03/07/2006 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Sulochana Matolia PRT 10/07/1974 05/07/2006 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Sarita Mishra PRT 11/04/1978 09/07/2009 Trained confirmed  
Mrs. Trishla Devi PRT 15/02/1978 27/07/2010 Trained Probation  
Mrs. Deepti Singh PRT 05/121976 06/08/2010 Trained Probation  
Ms. Preeti Sharma PRT 03/11/1989 14/07/2011 Trained Probation  
Ms. Nidhi Munshi PRT 31/07/1985 24/11/2011 Trained Probation  
Mrs. Ritu Rani PRT 07/12/1981 02/04/2012 Trained Probation  
Mrs. Sanju Sharma PRT 02/07/1978 13/02/2012 Trained Probation  
Mrs. Pramil Sharma PRT 30/07/1982 15/07/2013 Trained Probation